Thursday, May 31, 2007

Artifact: Original Restaurant Menu c. 1930

Currently on display in L'Arte della Vita our Italian fine dining restaurant is an authentic menu from the early years of the hotel.

Featuring such interesting selections as: "Welsh Rarebit with Melba Toast (No Vegetables)", and "Imported Sardines and Eggs (served on lettuce with Saltines)", and to wash that down, how about a glass/cup? of "Postum" (whatever that is). And for dessert how about a "Snow Ball ala Lincoln" (i can't help wondering what a restaurant full of patrons eating Lincoln shaped snowball effigies would look like).
While some of the menu selections might give you pause, the prices can't be beat. At only $4.5 who could pass up the Filet Mignon, or the Sirloin Steak which would only set you back $1.75, and a glass of draft beer for only $0.15.

Over the years the restaurant has updated its menu selections
(and unfortunately its prices).

Here are pages one and two of the current restaurant menu:

And for those times when the L'Arte della Vita isn't open, Melody's Tavern, located right next door to the restaurant and just off the mezzanine, will be open. Here is the tavern menu:

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