Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Falcons have Nested!

As reported in March on this blog, a pair of peregrine falcons have been spotted flying over the hotel this spring.

Today in the Reading Eagle we have confirmation that, indeed, a successful nest exists at the Madison Building across from the hotel and that two new falcons have hatched!

Here is the article from the Reading Eagle. The Reading Eagle also has made some short video clips of the falcons available from when they were first spotted. Here is a clip of the female falcon, and here is one of the male falcon.

The Madison Building (pictured here) is best viewed from the western facing windows of the building. Our King Executive Suite has an excellent view of the Madison. Request one of these rooms to enjoy some bird watching during your stay.

If you'd like to stay informed on the progress of the hatch lings, check back here or on the Falcon Blog.


tkc said...

After a "tip" from a client up in the County Services Building about 2 weeks ago, I snuck up to the 18th floor *(& beyond - don't tell Yoni!) & opened the door to the outside to find myself behind the big Wyndham "W". I tied to orient myself re: where the Madison building was & almost immediately to my right, one of the birds flew by me - maybe 6-8 feet from me - @ eye level, just looking at me!!! It was awesome! Couldn't see onto the roof of the Madiosn building tho... Really wish I could see those chicks!

JFleischood said...

I seen the Falcon way back in January, on top of our hotel. I came out onto and seen the Falcon perched on the very tip of the utility roof on an old radio antenna. The Falcon just kept staring at me and started squawking at me. When I would move out of its sight it would stop, and as soon as I came back into sight it would begin squawking again. Then it jumped off its perched and proceeded to fly in a circle around me, all while straing me down and squawking at me. So I proceeded to take myself back inside before it decided to eat me.