Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sad News: Baby Falcon found dead

The Reading Eagle today reports that one of the two baby falcons was found dead atop the Madison Building, next door to the hotel. There is still hope however that the new nest will not be a failure. One fledgling may have taken its first flight and found itself unable to return to the height of the nest and may be living at a lower elevation.

The other fledgling was not on the roof and could not be located.

“We’re still on the lookout,” said Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife conservation officer David Brockmeier. He asked anyone who spots the other male fledgling to call the Game Commission regional office at 610-926-3136.

This sad news comes only a couple of weeks after the paper reported that the State Game Commission Branded the baby falcons. The paper has made a video of the branding available on its website.

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