Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guest Comments: Kudos to Stephanie, Jennifer, & Rolf.

"Our initial contact with the hotel was a lovely employee named Stephanie. She resolved an AAA on-line booking error, identified the problem, resolved it and found the best rate available for the room we were seeking. Great Job, Stephanie. '

"Another employee, Jennifer, Bartender/Restaurant staff..very attentive/sweet and efficient.'

"Finally your Housekeeping Supervisor/Manager, Rolf..impressed by responding to another guest who was blind, showed up in restaurant with wife and guide dog...obviously, could not afford regular menu and still accommodated the couple bringing them the sandwiches they ordered and treating the clients with such equality and compassion, it was heart lifting to see such kindness. Also, Rolf was there when we were checking out and was most helpful with getting us signed up on Wyndham. I was previously at the Wyndham in Aruba when it was called that in 2001 but never saw the exceptional quality of service that we received at your Abraham Lincoln Wyndham in Reading, PA....give those staff and that facility a big raise and a round of applause."

- Don and Annemary G.

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