Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hotel Comic # 11- "Percieved Cardboard Reality"

Hello my fans!!! (Tim, Jen, and now Dennis, though he would never admit it!) In this comic people ask the obvious...."Do you serve drinks?" and there is already a drink served, so the question is already answered before it is asked....and again, the question regarding the food...it was already answered! As always, these events are not factual and are not meant to offend, merely to entertain, because it's always funny when it isn't us. From the old Laurel and Hardy moments with the pies or Abbot and Costello, we love to laugh at people being....rather silly...... as long as it isn't us. I, myself, and guilty of this act, asking the obvious. And so, please enjoy this latest installment of the Hotel series. Enjoy!

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