Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Anti-Gang meeting in The Presidential Ballroom

The Presidential Ballroom at The Abraham Lincoln Hotel was the venue today for The 222 Corridor's Anti-Gang Initiative meeting. WFMZ-TV News was present and it was their top story on their 5:30pm broadcast.


Anonymous said...

WFMZ failed to mention that the event took place at The Abraham Lincoln Hotel. However in the same broadcast in a story about a nursing event at the Sheraton Hotel, they were certain to explictly mention where the event took place.
Is this bias? I can't help but wonder, but since every broadcast features an ad paid for by one of the Sheraton's customers it's not hard to imagine a financial incentive for this ommission.

Pyre said...

The whole premise of this group is obsurd. Don't they realize that The State is just another gang. The mayor ponders how street gangs might be made less attractive, but doesn't consider that his gang is the reason d'etre for the street/drug gangs. If The State were to legalize drugs, youth would have little incentive to join gangs because they would be put out of business by the pharmacutical companies which would not have to rely on retalitory violence to protect their right to sell a legitamate product in the marketplace.
The Statists at this event have so devoriced their worldview from reality that they can't see that they are in fact the perpetrators of institutionalized violence that have brought havoc down on our communities. The Statist in the video who mentioned "stealing" ideas from other police agencies is correct to label himself a thief. I would also add that he is a kidnapper, extorionist, perhaps murderor, and hypocrite.