Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another artifact recovered from ebay.

This postcard is dated Oct 14, 1969 and made its way all the way to North Haven, Conn. before returning home some 39 years later.

The hotel has closed, been renovated, and opened again in 1996; since this postcard was mailed; but the Peoples Bank seen across the street from the hotel is just now completing renovations and has received a much needed face lift.
No longer a People's Bank, it is now an M&T Bank.

Notice also the awnings on the windows of the storefront of the hotel. Today the awnings have moved up a floor and now cover the lobby windows. The storefront space is now exposed and the lobby is too dark in this author's opinion. Maybe we will take a page from the past, and someday remove the current awnings and place them over the storefront and over the balconies like they should be, as seen in other postcards from the past (post coming soon), leaving the lobby windows open to brighten the interior.

The Washington Street store front is currently for rent. Contact us if you'd like to set-up shop. It would be a great spot for a coffee shop, florist, art gallery, or maybe even a day spa. Call 610-372-3700 for more information about renting the space.

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