Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hotel Comic # 17- "Way of the Guest"

I have long been a fan of Japanese action cinema. Any movie with a Samurai in it, and I want to buy it. I recently began expanding my samurai movie collection from just Seven Samurai to now...Seven Samurai, Sword of Doom, Shogun Assassin 1+2, Shogun's Samurai, Samurai Rebellion, and Last Samurai (I know its an American movie, but with Hiroyuki Sanada and Ken Watanabe in it...it counts!) I have payed some form of homage to samurai in past comics...the fact that Spartacus keeps a katana at the desk is evidence, but I wanted to really get into the Samurai theme, and so....here is my thank you to all those legends of Japanese Samurai Cinema....thank you for countless hours of entertainment. So, to my fans (Dennis, Jen, Tim, and now my cousin Gabe!) I say, enjoy this comic!

P.S. On a sad note, this will be one of my last comics made in the Abraham Lincoln hotel. I have recently accepted a position at Nationwide Insurance, they are, after all, on my side, and Will begin work there in mid-October. Do not despair! I will still write comics and post them here. I would never abandon my fans. Have a great day!


Djangelic said...

HAHAH! i love it! :D haha as a new regular fan of your work, i have to say, that your comics are awesome!!! :D keep up the good work cuz! :D and congrats on the job!! they are, like you said, on your side! LOL!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

The hotel won't be the same with out you Gabriel... Good luck with your new position.