Thursday, January 4, 2007

Events: An Evening of John Philip Sousa

March 5, 2007 marks the 75th anniversary of the final performance of John Phillip Sousa, creator of many of the world's most famous musical compositions, as well as the official march of the United States, The Stars and Stripes Forever. Sousa is recognized as the first U.S. composer to win worldwide acclaim and to tour Europe. Nurtured through ties dating back to 1909, Sousa's long standing connection to Reading, Pennsylvania developed through his close association with another historically significant organization, the Ringgold Band. Therefore, in recognition of the historical importance of Sousa the man, the Ringgold Band, and the Abraham Lincoln Hotel, the Historical Society of Berks County is proud to host An Evening of John Philip Sousa and the Ringgold Band to commemorate the 75th anniversary of this renowned composer's final performance. The dinner menu and the concert program for this event will replicate those of March 5 & 6, 1932 when the famous bandmaster conducted for the final time, before the Ringgold Band. Sousa's music continues to kindle the pride we share as citizens of this great nation, and stirs the patriotism within our soul. Come join us for an evening of music sure to rouse the spirit of all patriotic and freedom loving people, and to honor John Philip Sousa, the March King.”


Abraham Lincoln said...

The one question guests always ask me when they find out that Mr. Sousa died here is, "What room did he die in?" They always want to make sure they are'nt in the same room. The Hotel was renovated and now there is really no way to know which room he was in the night he died.

Gabriel said...

Apparently, there is a rumor he died on the fourth floor of the hotel. The fourth floor is now senior housing, so it's not technically out hotel now.