Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hotel Comic # 7- "The Final Straw!"

Hello my friends! (Jason) Sorry for the long absence, but we have been rather busy here at the Lincoln hotel. Many Things are happening in Reading and we are right in the middle of it all! So here is a new installment for your amusement, and maybe to produce a chuckle or two. Please, please, please remember that these comics are just made up, and not mean to make any points or anything so political. It's a comic, thus it makes you smile, laugh, or shut down your web browser....OK, well, just felt I had to say that. So please, enjoy and comment if you liked the comic, if not......then don't worry about it! Have a great winter, until next time!


Abraham Lincoln said...

"my own personal slave, ready to do my bidding at any moment"
- Sounds good to me, when she's done with him, i'll buy Sparticus from her! Emancipation is over-rated anyway.

Jason said...

Loves It!