Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hotel Comic # 15- "Tie Die"

Hello my readers (Dennis, Tim, Jen....and everybody else) Here it is, the 15th installment! I cannot believe I have made so many! I recently joined the ranks of men; I learned how to tie a tie! My father said to me, "Gaby (That's my family nickname that NO ONE knows...but now that it's on a blog I guess the whole planet will know!) You can shave, and now you can tie a tie, welcome to manhood." And so I was thinking about what to make the 15th comic and it hit me: TIES! And so, here before you is my idea come to fruition. I hope you enjoy this comic, which I dedicate to Mr. Robert Lepore, our General Manager, who moved on to a new future. Thank you for everything you did for me and taught me sir, may you always remember HOTEL. Until next time dear readers!

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