Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stephanie's on a roll!

"Stephanie Mengel - Front Desk Supervisor, is a great assett to your hotel. I had called prior to my visit to find out room availability, due to my corporate travel tool seemed to be inaccurate. She guided me to the information I was looking for and confirmed that a room would be available for me. I was able to book using my corporate tool, and upon my arrival, Stephanie immediately recognized my name and recalled speaking with me. She was very up beat and efficient. She has a great attitude and makes a person feel as comfortable as possible being away from home. I travel weekly and stay at many hotels. It is truly rare to find an individual like this at the front desk. Although many front desks have efficiency, they don-t have personality to go with it. I would like to make sure that Stephanie definately is recognized by your organization. I would love to hear of any type of reward system that you may have in your organization to show your associates the gratitude you have for them. I have rated your hotel with the highest marks due to Stephanie."
- Gordon H.

"Stephanie the front desk supervisor was very very helpful. A huge asset to your hotel. "
- James G.

"The desk person who checked us in was spectacular. I-m sorry I can-t remember her name, but I believe she is the ByRequest person. She was always smiling, congenial and accommodating. She is the BEST desk person I ever experienced! She-s great!"
- Vincent P.

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